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  • How does Insure Response work?
    We're here to make your life easy--starting with our registration process! Your registration documents include a profile sheet that you will fill out with information about your agency that will help us to begin building a scope of support. Additional discussions with the agency principal will help us establish which services will be included on the scope and how those services will be handled. Once the scope is complete, a phone number will be assigned to the agency and you we will help you program your phones to roll over to that number whenver you need us--after-hours, when you're busy, etc. Calls that would normally go to voicemail or unanswered will be routed to Insure Response and be branded with your agency name by the Insure Response CSR. Our CSR will then proceed to handle the call exactly as you indicated on you scope of support. We are here for you, 24/7!
  • When can I roll my phones to Insure Response?
    Anytime! Some agencies use us as their full-time customer service and support resource. Others roll their phones to us after-hours. Agencies also utilize our "always ready" service by sending calls to us during their lunch break, while office personnel are out on short notice, on vacation, on business travel or even only when your office lines are busy (i.e. "busy call-forwarding").
  • Are my calls answered live?
    Yes! Our receptionists answer inbound phone calls to your agency on your behalf using a script prepared and provided to us by you.
  • How are my calls answered?
    Our professionally trained receptionists will answer your calls in a friendly and cheerful manner using your company’s customized answer phrase. From there they will call screen / transfer the call, take messages, provide company FAQs, directions to offices, and collect demographic and other contact information for marketing purposes. We are able to provide services based on your specifc agency's needs.
  • Do you employ licensed insurance agents?
    Yes! We specialize in insurance call answering. Our team consists of licensed agents and unlicensed CSRs backed up by licensed management staff. All of our agents (even those without licenses) go through an insurance training course so they better understand the industry and are confidently able to answer questions.
  • Why is there a set-up fee?
    The set-up fee is a one-time fee that covers the internal cost of creating your agency's "scope" (which is the screen that pops up with your agency's script and information when a call comes to us) as well as getting your phones up and running and ready to roll to us whenever you need us.
  • Where is Insure Response located?
    Insure Response is a U.S. company with its primary location in Newberry, SC and a redundant location in Nevada, MO.
  • Will my calls be outsourced?
    No! All receptionists are employees of Insure Response and all calls will be answered in one of our two U.S.-based locations.
  • What happens if I go over my allotted monthly minutes?
    If you exceed your monthly allotted minutes you will be billed at a flat-rate ranging from $1.25-$1.45/minute depending on your monthly plan.
  • What services do you offer?
    With the basic pricing plan and IAOA discounted rate Insure Response will take payments, process endorsements (except to reduce or remove coverage), collecting quote information in the agency’s rater and notifying the agency of the lead and referring claims calls to the company. We do offer a completely customizable scope of support and additional volume discounts please contact us for further information if you require a more in-depth scope of support.
  • Is your answering service available 24/7?
    Yes! We are here for your agency 24 hours/day, 365 days/year--including holidays.
  • Do your agents work from home?
    No. Our agents work in one of our two U.S. based locations.
  • How do I receive my messages from Insure Response?
    We will send you a detailed call report by email every morning prior to your office opening. You may also request to have emergency calls forwarded to a contact of your choice in real-time. You will also be provided a login to your agency's reporting portal to run a multitude of call reports as often as you desire.
  • How will I be billed?
    You will be billed on a recurring monthly basis via ACH based on your usage. You will be provided a bill via email and/or direct mail prior to us withdrawing the amount due.
  • How do I forward my phones?
    It's simple. Once we have your phones set-up we will provide you simple instructions for forwarding your calls to us.
  • Do you charge extra to answer our phones on holidays?
    No! We do not upcharge on holidays nor do we up-charge if you choose to use us 24/7. Your rate will always be exactly as it is shown in your plan.
  • Can you quote and bind policies over the phone?
    We do quote and bind for some customers, our basic pricing includes a limited quoting services including collecting quote information in the agency’s rater and notifying the agency of the lead. In order to add services not included in our basic call center program, a higher set-up fee will be charged. Please contact us for more information.
  • Do my unused minutes roll over to the next month?
    No. We use the number of minutes in our subscribers' plans to assist us in scheduling the proper number of agents so we're always ready to answer your calls in a timely manner.
  • Can I forward my existing office line or cell phone to you?
    Yes. Most of our customers roll their existing phone lines to us. We can assist you with this--we'll just need a few details regarding your phone company.
  • How will the call information be sent to my agency?
    Our CSR will track the call and include the name, phone number, issue the caller has contacted the agency about and the resolution of the call. These notes are available at our reporting site in real-time or can be sent directly to an email address provided by the agency. Our team can also use Google Chat to message the agency regarding time sensitive issues.
  • Does your service work with VoIP?
    Yes, we integrate with VoIP platforms.
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